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Thread Title: Compromise of I/W's information???
Created On Friday February 27, 2009 10:15 PM

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Friday February 27, 2009 10:15 PM

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I received 2 letters from Voc Rehab Schools today. One was from a prominent University in the O.C. area and another from a "Retraining" company...

This is the part that disturbs me the most:

1) Where did they obtain my "claim" information, my address and phone #???

2) I called the V/R school and spoke to a "rep." I inquired as to how he/she obtained my personal information. He stated that my "claim" was a matter of "PUBLIC RECORD," AND IT WAS OBTAINED VIA EAMS AND EDEX!!!

3) I kindly advised him that this was "confidential information," and further, that unless "he" was a party to "my" claim, he had no business prying around to generate business on behalf of the "voucher system!!!"

4) I got nothing but the "run-around," and he would not disclose to me how he knew of me, my claim and my "potential" to the Voucher and V.R. rights.

This is in my opinion, a breach of my confidential information! I am "pissed beyond words," and I'm trying to get to the bottom of this...

Has this happened to anyone else??? Is this a "legal" practice? I immediately jumped to conclusions that this information was either "purchased" or forwarded to this party for the sole purposes of capital gain. I am disgusted beyond words.

Many of You know "me" and that I've been a C/A for over 20 years. I am also injured at the present time. This "reaks" of "Capping" back in the day--

SO WHAT'S NEXT??? HOW DO I GO ABOUT STOPPING THIS??? I did advise this gentleman that he was totally out of line and that since they obtained my "case information via EDEX and EAMS--it could and is a breach of confiditiallity. I also explained that since they had retained my information, that my entire FILE and incorporated medical records, pleadings and client attorney privelges were also breached.

Sorry for the RANT-but again, I'm very disturbed. This is not about HIPPA! It's a marketing ploy and I don't like it for one minute!!!

Please, please, please--if anyone knows how this information has been leaked to the "public," please contact me. I am disturbed beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW: I've been a "member" of WCC since 2003--so please don't chastise me and tell me not to "rant," i.e. go over to the other side...




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